Our Services

GIS Mapping and Surveying

A static component to every field project is articulating its location and focus. Geomorphic Environmental provides a full range of 3D-GIS mapping services in conjunction with the surveying needs of our clients.

We blend aerial imagery, Goggle Earth images and the necessary base layers to produce attractive products for our clients. Our surveying expertise includes projects in the Arctic, the east and west coast of Canada and numerous projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Our surveying projects have employed the most basic hand surveying techniques through to real-time DGPS. Jeffrey has been part of assessing sea-level rise on the west coast of Canada, tying together mean sea level, the beach-dune system and Canadian Hydrographic survey markers to quantify long-term ocean expansion.

Geomorphic Environmental uses cutting-edge hardware and software to bring advances in science and technology to our clients.