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Climate analysis

Our changing climate has implications for nearly every facet of resource management and environmental stewardship. Geomorphic Environmental uses dendroclimatology to analyze climate relationships and provide direction for adaptive ecosystem management.

Dendroclimatology uses tree ring growth patterns to reconstruct paleo(past)climate. In doing so tree rings provide high- resolution proxy indication of paleoclimate variability. And are therefore, capable of identifying long-term climate trends, or regimes, in temperature and precipitation. By analyzing paleoclimate trends we can investigate the degree of regional climate forcing throughout local ecosystems.

Climate forcing is the degree to which any large-scale climate oscillation (ex. El Nino & La Nina) or low frequency sea-surface temperature fluctuation (in the north pacific) affects local weather, and therefore impacts local ecosystems.

Most recently Geomorphic Environmental has investigated climate forcing as a partial agent in the outbreak of Dothistroma septospora; a fungus that is currently resulting in mortality of many pine plantations in Northwestern BC.