Our Services


Geomorphic Environmental provides comprehensive hydrological services. We have experience with both ground and surface water sampling and analyses. And our use of Best Practices and cutting edge measurement technology provides clients with accurate, precise analogs of hydrological activity.

We provide hydrological monitoring of streams during construction activities for a range of clients. Using in situ instrumentation we provide high-frequency (sub-second) monitoring of water quality, water quantity and sediment load; thus providing real-time decisions to better manage for healthy ecosystems.

Geomorphic prides itself in combining high-caliber instrumentation with a range of expertise to facilitate road building and construction in sensitive areas. Through our micro-management approach to aquatic ecosystems we have been part of many successful developments.

In addition to road building/bridge building work Geomorphic also provides hydrological assessments as well as water quality and quantity monitoring.

In addition to this, Geomorphic Environmental has conducted research aiming to identify climate forcing patterns within autumn low-flow behavior of streams throughout the Pacific Northwest. Understanding that if autumn low-flows are controlled by climate forcing mechanisms (El Nino & La Nina) then successful adaptive management of these watersheds will include and understanding of the regional climatic influence on these streams.